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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 31    No. 7    July 2021

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Microstructure and mechanical properties of high strength Mg-15Gd-1Zn-0.4Zr alloy additive-manufactured by selective laser melting process
Peng-huai FU1,2, Nan-qing WANG1, Hai-guang LIAO1, Wen-yu XU1, Li-ming PENG1, Juan CHEN1, Guo-qi HU3, Wen-jiang DING1

1. National Engineering Research Center of Light Alloy Net Forming and State Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix Composite, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China;
2. Shanghai Light Alloy Net Forming National Engineering Research Center Co., Ltd., Shanghai 201615, China;
3. School of Materials and Chemical Engineering, Ningbo University of Technology, Ningbo 315211, China

Abstract:In order to verify the feasibility of producing Mg-rare earth (RE) alloy by selective laser melting (SLM) process, the microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-15Gd-1Zn-0.4Zr (wt.%) (GZ151K) alloy were investigated. The results show that fine grains (~2 μm), fine secondary phases and weak texture, were observed in the as-fabricated (SLMed) GZ151K Mg alloy. At room temperature, the SLMed GZ151K alloy has a yield strength (YS) of 345 MPa, ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of 368 MPa and elongation of 3.0%. After subsequent aging (200 °C, 64 h, T5 treatment), the YS, UTS and elongation of the SLMed-T5 alloy are 410 MPa, 428 MPa and 3.4%, respectively, which are higher than those of the conventional cast-T6 alloy, especially with the YS increased by 122 MPa. The main strengthening mechanisms of the SLMed GZ151K alloy are fine grains, fine secondary phases and residual stress, while after T5 treatment, the YS of the alloy is further enhanced by precipitates.


Key words: selective laser melting; Mg-rare earth alloy; grain refinement; Mg-Gd-Zn; strengthening mechanism

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