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第29卷    第7期    总第244期    2019年7月

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激光选区熔化Inconel 718合金高温腐蚀性能
滕 庆,李 帅,薛鹏举,田 健,魏青松,史玉升

(华中科技大学 材料成形与模具技术国家重点实验室,武汉 430074)

摘 要: 研究激光选区熔化(Selective laser melting, SLM)制备Inconel 718合金的高温腐蚀性能,揭示了不同热处理工艺对腐蚀性能的影响规律。利用超景深显微镜、XRD、SEM表征了腐蚀后的形貌及产物。结果表明:SLM态的高温腐蚀质量损失速率远大于热处理态的,经标准热处理与均匀化热处理的合金其高温耐腐蚀性能与锻件的相当,时效热处理合金在经过25 h腐蚀后,原始态熔池边界消失,元素均匀化程度提高,氧、硫元素扩散通道关闭,抗腐蚀性能提高;经过75 h后,合金表面产物包括氧化物和硫化物,各热处理态合金表面的氧化物成分没有发生变化。重点分析和讨论SLM制备Inconel 718 合金的高温腐蚀机理,建立了SLM态Inconel 718 合金的高温腐蚀过程中元素扩散模型。


关键词: 增材制造;激光选区熔化;Inconel 718;热处理;高温腐蚀

High-temperature corrosion resistance of Inconel 718 fabricated by selective laser melting
TENG Qing, LI Shuai, XUE Peng-ju, TIAN Jian, WEI Qing-song, SHI Yu-sheng

State Key Laboratory of Materials Processing and Die & Mould Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China

Abstract:The Inconel 718 was fabricated by Selective Laser Melting (SLM), and its high-temperaturecorrosion behavior under different heat treatment conditions was evaluated. The morphology and corrosion phases were observed by using ultra depth microscope, XRD and SEM. The results show that the heat treatment can effectively reduce high-temperature corrosion mass loss rate of this alloy. After standard heat treatment and homogenization heat treatment, the high-temperature corrosion resistance of this alloy is comparable with forgings. The corrosion resistance of samples with direct aging treatment increases after 25 h corrosion test, which can be attributed to the disappearance of the melt pool boundary and the improved homogeneity of solute elements. As a result, the corrosion resistance of this alloy also isimproved because the diffusion channels for O and S are closed. After 75 h test, the main phases on the alloy surface are two types of oxides and sulfides, and the composition of these phases has not change under different heat treatment conditions. The high-temperature corrosion mechanism of Inconel 718 alloy prepared by SLM was analyzed and discussed, and the elements diffusion model of Inconel 718 alloy in SLM state was established.


Key words: additive manufacturing; SLM; Inconel 718; heat treatment; high-temperature corrosion

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