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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 25    No. 3    March 2015

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Microstructure, mechanical and oxidation characteristics of detonation gun and HVOF sprayed MCrAlYX coatings
Jun-guo GAO, Zhi-hui TANG, Chang-liang WANG, Meng-qiu GUO, Yong-jing CUI

Laboratory of Metal Corrosion and Surface Protection, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials,
Beijing 100095, China

Abstract:Microstructure, mechanical property and oxidation resistance of MCrAlYX coatings prepared by detonation gun (D-gun) and HVOF spraying were investigated. Lamellar microstructure and uniform microstructure formed in D-gun sprayed MCrAlYX coating and HVOF sprayed coating, respectively. Element redistribution and formation of new phase took place during the detonation process. Besides, the porosity of D-gun sprayed coating was much lower than that of HVOF sprayed coating. On the mechanical property, the micro-hardnesses of the two coatings were in the same level (~HV 910). However, D-gun sprayed MCrAlYX coating exhibited larger standard deviation of microhardness due to its lamellar microstructure, and exhibited better bend bonding strength owing to the existence of residual compressive stress between the layers and particles. Meanwhile, due to the much more compact microstructure, D-gun sprayed MCrAlYX coating showed superior oxidation resistance to the HVOF sprayed coating. The continuous dense protective layer can form earlier in D-gun sprayed coating and thus suppress further oxidation and control the oxide thickness at a relatively low level.


Key words: MCrAlYX coating; detonation gun (D-gun); high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF); microstructure; mechanical property; oxidation resistance

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