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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 24    No. 8    August 2014

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Noisy-power dissipation and efficiency in NiO/Fe2O3 wet grinding by planetary ball mill
Yun YAO1, Gang XIE1,2, Yan-qing HOU1, Rong-xing LI1, Wei-hong LUO1, Ru-zhen PENG1,

1. Faculty of Metallurgical and Energy Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology,
Kunming 650093, China;
2. Kunming Metallurgy Research Institution, Kunming 650031, China

Abstract:The relationship between the efficiency of NiO/Fe2O3 wet grinding and noisy-power dissipation was studied. The optimal grinding parameters were found as: a slurry water content of 64.10%-85.47%, ball number ratio of 360/20, revolution speed of 300.9 r/min, powder-filling ratio of 10.88%, ball-filling ratio of 20.53%-23.88%, and grinding time of approximately 6 h. The discrete element method (DEM) was employed to analyze relationship between the noisy-power dissipation and the grinding efficiency, and equations describing the relationship were derived. The mean particle size of the ground powder decreased with a decrease in the degree of noisy-power dissipation, while the grinding efficiency and the amount of specific impact power used decreased with an increase in the degree of noisy-power dissipation.


Key words: noisy-power dissipation; NiO/Fe2O3 powder; planetary ball mill; mean particle size

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