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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 24    No. 8    August 2014

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Experimental and CFD studies of solid-liquid slurry tank stirred with an improved Intermig impeller
Hong-liang ZHAO1, Zi-mu ZHANG1, Ting-an ZHANG1, Yan LIU1, Song-qing GU1, Chao ZHANG2

1. Key Laboratory of Ecological Utilization of Multi-metal Intergrown Ores of Ministry of Education,
School of Materials and Metallurgy, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110819, China;
2. Shenyang Aluminum & Magnesium Engineering & Research Institute, Shenyang 110001, China

Abstract:The improved Intermig impeller has been used in the seed precipitation tank in China, which could enhance the mixing and suspension of Al(OH)3 particles and the power consumption declined largely. The flow field, solids hold-up, cloud height, just off-bottom speed and power consumptions were investigated in solid-liquid mixing system with this new type of impeller by CFD and water experiment methods. Compared with the standard Intermig impeller, the improved one coupled with specially sloped baffles could promote the fluid circulation, create better solids suspension and consume less power. Besides lower impeller off-bottom clearance is good for solid suspension and distribution. The just-off-bottom speed was also determined by a power number criterion. Meanwhile, the predicted results were in good agreement with the experimental data.


Key words: CFD; stirred tank; solids suspension; mixing; improved Intermig impeller

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