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第13卷    第3期    总第54期    2003年6月

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辜子英, 胡平贵, 彭德院, 焦小燕, 周雪珍, 李永绣

(南昌大学 稀土工程研究中心, 南昌 330047)

摘 要: 采用湿固相机械化学反应法制备单分散球形超细氧化铈粉体, 化学分析和XRD物相分析结果表明球磨作用不仅改善了反应的热力学和动力学条件, 使反应能在较短的时间内完成,而且还促进了产物的结晶化, 得到了结晶性良好的新物相, 有利于球磨产物的后续处理。 随着球磨反应的进行, 颗粒粒度减小, 直至亚微米级时球磨反应使颗粒的减小趋势与晶粒生长导致颗粒长大的趋势达到平衡, 粒度降低幅度减小。球磨产物在后续煅烧过程中, 其粒度随温度的升高是先减小而后增大, 但在1050℃之前的增大不够明显。 XRD、 粒度分布及扫描电镜分析结果表明煅烧产物为球形的单分散的超细氧化铈。


关键词: 超细氧化铈;机械化学反应; 制备

Preparation of monodisperse spherical superfine cerium
dioxide using mechanochemical method
GU Zi-ying, HU Ping-gui, PENG De-yuan,
JIAO Xiao-yan, ZHOU Xue-zhen, LI Yong-xiu

Rare Earth Technology Research Center,
Nanchang University, Nanchang 330047, Chin

Abstract:The monodisperse spherical cerium dioxide was prepared by using wet solid phase mechanochemical method. The results of element analysis and XRD pattern show that the milling process not only improves the dynamic and thermodynamic conditions of multiphase chemical reaction, but also in reinforces the crystallization process of product and simplifies the following treatment of product. The particle size decreases with the milling time increasing during the first 3h and then is inclined to a relative stable value about sub-micrometer, which is related to the comprehensive action of the amorphous and crystallization both caused by mechanical grinding. The particle size variation during annealing process is found to be decreased with temperature rising before 900℃, and then increased from 900 to 1100℃. However, the increase trend is not evident before 1050℃, this means that no obvious aggregation is taken, and good dispersed superfine cerium dioxide can be obtained when annealing the as-milled powder at the temperature range from 900℃ to 1000℃. The final product is demonstrated to be monodisperse spherical superfine cerium dioxide which possesses face-center cube structure.


Key words: superfine cerium dioxide; mechanochemical reaction; prepa

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