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第15卷    第8期    总第77期    2005年8月

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李世涛, 乔学亮, 陈建国

(华中科技大学 模具技术国家重点实验室, 武汉 430074)

摘 要:  选择In2O3与SnO2质量比1∶1的靶材为溅射源,采用磁控溅射法沉积了ITO薄膜, 讨论了溅射氩气压强、 氧流量、 基体温度对薄膜透射率和方阻的影响, 深入分析了其机理。研究结果表明: 溅射时采用低Ar压强更有利于降低ITO薄膜的电阻率,并确定最佳氩气压强为0.2 Pa, 厚度为120 nm的ITO薄膜在可见光区的透过率可达到90%; 氧流量能明显改变薄膜的性能, 随着氧流量从0增加10 L/min(标准状态下,下同), 载流子浓度(N)则由3.2×1020降低到1.2×1019/cm3N值的变化与ITO薄膜光学禁带宽度(Eg)的变化密切相关。 振子模型与实验结果吻合, 并确定了ITO薄膜的等离子波长(λp=1 510 nm)。 薄膜随方阻减小表现出明显的“B-M”效应。 通过线性外推, 建立了直接跃迁的(αE)2模型, 并确定了薄膜的Eg值(3.5~3.86 eV)。


关键词:  ITO薄膜; 磁控溅射; 氧流量; “B-M”效应

Preparation and analysis of In2O3-SnO2
thin films deposited by magnetic sputtering
LI Shi-tao, QIAO Xue-liang, CHEN Jian-guo

State Key Laboratory of Die and Mould Technology, 
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China

Abstract: The ITO thin films were prepared by radio frequency magnetic sputtering using a ceramic target with mass ratio of In2O3 to SnO2 1∶1. The experiment parameters such as Ar gas pressure (p(Ar)), oxygen flow rate (f(O2)) and substrate temperature (ts) all have important influence on the transmittance and square resistivity of the thin films. The semiconductor mechanisms of ITO films were studied. The results show that lower p(Ar) can reduce Rs, the optimal p(Ar) of about 0.2 Pa was determined. The transmittance of 120 nm thick ITO thin films in visible light range is about 90%. The ITO properties can be changed obviously by f(O2), the carrier concentration decrease from 3.2×1020 to 1.2×1019/cm3 when f(O2) increases from 0 to 10 L/min(standard state), which is related to optical forbidden band Eg. And the oscillator model is accorded with the experimental results, the plasma wavelength of ITO films is up to 1 510 nm.The thin films shows obvious “Burstin-Moss” effect due to a decrease in Rs. The direct transition model of (αE)2 versus photon energy Eg was established and a band gap energy Eg was obtained by linear extrapolation.


Key words: ITO thin films;magnetic sputtering;oxygen flow rate; “Burstin-Moss” effect

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