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第18卷    第5期    总第110期    2008年5月



刘 伟,李 劼,赖延清,徐宇杰,刘业翔

(中南大学 冶金科学与工程学院,长沙 410083)

摘 要: 研究了铝电解槽复杂开域的媒质接触、结构化网格划分、磁场边界条件施加、场耦合等建模问题。运用标量电位法、标量磁位法和有限体积法在商业软件平台上开发了铝电解槽电流场的计算模块,并与工业电解槽上的测量数据对比验证其可靠性。在此基础上提出一种母线设计方法,获得较优的母线配置方案SG2。仿真结果表明:SG2水平电流小,磁场分布对称性好;熔体平行大面流动有助于氧化铝输运。磁场分析结果表明:立柱母线中的电流可大幅度抵消非均匀阴极母线电流对磁场分布的影响,决定最终磁场分布。


关键词: 铝电解;电磁场;流场;母线;数值计算

Development and application of electro-magneto-flow mathematic model of aluminum reduction cells
LIU Wei, LI Jie, LAI Yan-qing, XU Yu-jie, LIU Ye-xiang

School of Metallurgical Science and Engineering, Central South University, Changsha 410083, China

Abstract: The problems, including medium contact, structural grid partition, magnetic conditions on the open boundaries and coupled multi-physical fields in modeling complex aluminum reduction cells were investigated. Based on the commercial software the customized programs for calculation of the electro-magneto-flow field were developed with the voltage scalar potential method, magnetic scalar potential method and finite volume method. The simulated results were validated against the measurements on industrial cells. A busbar designing method was brought out and one optimized busbar scheme SG2 was obtained. The results from SG2 show that the horizontal currents are smaller and magnetic field distributes more symmetrically; flow of melts is parallel to the side of the cell and is of benefit to alumina transport. The magnetic results indicate that the currents of anode risers may counteract the effects of nonuniform currents of cathodic busbars on the magnetic field distribution and they are decisive of the final magnetic distribution.


Key words: aluminum reduction; electro-magnetic field; flow field; busbar; numerical calculation

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