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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 18    No. 2    April 2008

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PreparationSynthesis and Characterization and characterization of PEG-PEI/Fe3O4 nano-magnetic fluid Modified withPEG-PEI by co-precipitation method
PENG Jian(彭 健)1, ZOU Fen(邹 芬)1, LIU Lu(刘 路)1, TANG Liang(唐 亮)1,YU Li(余 丽)1, CHEN Wei(陈 伟)1, LIU Hui(刘 辉)1, TANG Jing-bo(唐静波)1, WU Li-xiang(邬力祥)2

1. National Key Laboratory of Nanobiological Technology, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University,Changsha 410008, China;2. Department of Biology, School of Basic Medical Science, Central South University,Changsha 410078, China

Abstract:PEG-PEI/Fe3O4 nano-magnetic fluids with different mass fractionsmass ratio of reactant were prepared by co-precipitation method. Besides The particle size analyzer, the methods of XRD, IR, VSM, and AFM were adopted to characterize the synthesized samples. Covalent bonding of PEG, PEI and Fe3O4 exhibits superparamagnetism. The TEM photograph shows that the particles are of stable dispersion and little aggregation, with smooth surface, spherical shape and a diameter of about 80 nm, which meets the requirements of nano-materials. When the mass fraction of PEI inin reactant is 25%, the particle size, Zeta-potential and pEGFP-C1 DNA loading efficiencyadsorption rate of DNA plasmid pEGFP-C1 are all satisfactory. In this case, PEG-PEI/ Fe3O4 nano-magnetic fluids can be used as gene vectors or targeted drug carriers.


Key words: Fe3O4; PEG; PEI; co-precipitation; nano-materials; magnetic fluids

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