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第25卷    第9期    总第198期    2015年9月

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(合肥工业大学材料科学与工程学院,合肥 230009)

摘 要: 采用反应磁控溅射法在ITO玻璃上制备氮掺杂氧化钨(WO3:N)薄膜。采用XRD、XPS、AFM对薄膜的结构、成分、结合键和表面形貌进行表征。将WO3:N薄膜封装制成电致变色器件,并采用直流稳压电源和分光光度计对其进行变色调制性能测试。结果表明:制备的WO3:N薄膜为纳米晶结构,其衍射峰位随着含N量的增加而右移;WO3:N薄膜中W、O分别以W6+和O2-存在,而N以中性价态、WO3中的O位替换以及表面吸附3种状态存在;随着WO3:N薄膜中含N量的升高,表面粗糙度逐渐增大,且有利于器件着色;当掺氮2.80%(摩尔分数)时,电致变色器件调制幅度最大为68.8%,比未掺氮器件的高出7.7%,适用于节能玻璃。


关键词: WO3:N薄膜;反应磁控溅射;电致变色器件;节能

Effects of N doping onelectrochromic modulation properties ofWO3 thin film
WANG Wei, LI He-qin, TAO Lei, QIAO Kai, ZHOU Chu, ZHANG Jing, TANG Qiong, HUANG Yi-qin, ZUO Min, LI Shi-wei

School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei 230009, China

Abstract:N doped tungsten oxide(WO3:N) thin films were prepared on ITO coated glass substrate by reactive magnetron sputtering. The structure, composition, chemical bondsand surface morphology of films were characterized by XRD, XPS and AFM, respectively. Furthermore, WO3:N thin films were assembled into electrochromic devices, the modulation properties were investigated by DC regulated power supply and spectrophotometer. The results indicate that WO3:N films are in nanocrystalline structure, whose scattering peaks move right as N content increases. W and O elements exist in W6+ and O2-, respectively, whereas, there are three chemical states for N element, namely, neutral atom, substituting O in W—O bond, and absorption onto film surface during deposition. With N content of WO3:N film increasing, the film surface gets rougher, and this will benefit coloring reaction of the device. The device reaches the highest modulation extent(68.8%, 7.7% higher than that of undoped device) at 2.80%N doping (mole fraction), which is suitable for energy conservation glass.


Key words: WO3:N thin film; reactive magnetron sputtering; electrochromic device; energy conservation

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