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第24卷    第12期    总第189期    2014年12月

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聂光华1, 2,孙体昌1,刘志红2,罗国菊2

(1. 北京科技大学 土木与环境工程学院,北京 100083;
2. 贵州大学 矿业学院,贵阳 550025

摘 要: 对单矿物和钙质磷矿石进行浮选试验,采用扫描电镜和能谱仪分析氟离子与碳酸盐矿物表面作用机理。结果表明:当pH值约为5时,白云石和方解石可浮性较好,氟磷灰石可浮性差,氟离子对3种矿物浮选影响较小。而在中性和碱性条件下,氟离子对白云石、方解石和氟磷灰石都具有活化作用。在磨机中添加氟化钠,获得良好的磷矿石浮选指标;氟离子与碳酸盐在矿物表面作用生成氟化钙,生成反应与矿物粒度、NaF浓度及反应时间相关,氟离子首先会与小粒度矿物发生作用。绘制加氟离子后方解石和白云石的LSD图,分析表明较高的氟浓度和碱性条件有利于氟化钙的形成和矿物溶解,促进碳酸盐矿物的浮选。


关键词: 白云石;方解石;氟离子;浮选;磷矿

Effect of fluoride ion on flotation behavior of carbonate minerals and its mechanism
NIE Guang-hua1, 2, SUN Ti-chang1, LIU Zhi-hong2, LUO Guo-ju2

1. School of Civil and Environment Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Biejing 100083, China;
2. Mining College, Guizhou University, Guiyang550025, China

Abstract:The pure mineral and phosphate rock flotation tests were conducted, and fluorine content on the carbonate mineral surface was analyzed by EDS. The results show that floatabilities of dolomite and calcite are better than that of fluorapatite when pH value is 5, while the effect of fluoride ion on three minerals flotation is little. The dolomite, calcite and fluorapatite are activated by fluoride ion at neutral and alkaline conditions. When NaF is added before ore grinding, the better flotation indexes of phosphate rock can be obtained. Fluoride ion reacts with the carbonate to form calcium fluoride on the mineral surface. The reaction is affected by the factors, such as mineral grain size, NaF concentration and chemical reaction time. Fluoride ion will react with the small particle firstly. Logarithmic concentration diagrams of calcite and dolomite suspension in saturated solution and air were drawn. Based on the analysis of the diagrams, it is believed that, at higher fluorine concentration and alkaline conditions, the formation of calcium fluoride and dissolution of minerals can be easily performed, which promotes flotation of the carbonates.


Key words: dolomite; calcite; flotation; fluoride ion; phosphate rock

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