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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 25    No. 2    February 2015

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Leaching and recovery of zinc from leaching residue of zinc calcine based on membrane filter press
Zhen-guang RU, Cen-xuan PAN, Gui-hua LIU, Xue-ting WANG, Guang-yu DOU, Ke-song ZHU

Cleaner Production Center, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences,
Beijing 100012, China

Abstract:The feasibility of leaching and recovery of zinc from zinc leaching residue (ZLR) based on a membrane filter press (MFP) was investigated. Experimental results show that zinc calcines with particle sizes of less than 106 μm and chambers of widths of 30 mm are appropriate for establishing uniform filter cakes to obtain acceptable leaching and recovery results. The leaching of zinc from ZLR performed via washing at 90 to 96 °C for 90 min with spent electrolyte using a MFP results in a zinc extraction rate of 97%, and almost all of the zinc leached are recovered after water washing with MFP, thereby avoiding any loss in the ZLR. Compared with the traditional hot concentrated acid leaching process, the process based on MFP as a leaching reactor is able not only to ensure a high extraction rate but also to reduce the leaching time. Moreover, the thickening, pulping, second leaching, washing, filtering and pressing could be integrated and realized using a single MFP.


Key words: zinc; membrane filter press; zinc leaching residue; leaching; recovery

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