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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 24    No. 5    May 2014

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Preparation of Ni(HCO3)2 and its catalytic performance in synthesis of benzoin ethyl ether
Xu WU, Xia AN, Xian-mei XIE

College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, Taiyuan 030024, China

Abstract:Ni(HCO3)2 with unique phase and high crystallinity was synthesized with urea hydrolysis. The as-prepared samples were well characterized in detail. N2 adsorption and desorption result manifests a high surface area of 99.03 m2/g with a pore size of 7.8 nm. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and particle size distribution reveal that the diameters of the formed pellets are uniform. Thermogravimetry (TG) analysis result shows that 500 °C could be the appropriate temperature for converting Ni(HCO3)2 precursors into NiO via a thermal decomposition process. CO2 and NH3 temperature-programmed desorption results show that Ni(HCO3)2 has explicit acid-base sites. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) results vividly indicate that the pellets are aggregated by hexagonal platelets and possess porous structures. Ni(HCO3)2 can efficiently catalyze the one-step synthesis of benzoin ethyl ether from benzaldehyde and ethanol, with the conversion of benzaldehyde up to 57.5% and nearly 100% selectivity of benzoin ethyl ether.


Key words: Ni(HCO3)2; catalysis; green synthesis; benzoin ethyl ether

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