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第11卷    第z2期    总第100期    2001年11月

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王大鹏, 郝士明, 赵   刚, 李洪晓

(东北大学 材料与冶金学院, 沈阳 110004)

摘 要: 利用组织分析方法和X射线衍射分析,研究了Al-Zn对称成分Spinodal分解合金的组织、结构与成分。结果表明,Al-Zn对称成分合金经固溶处理后可获得单相组织,但该组织在室温下将发生Spinodal分解和Zn的析出。在钢模铸造的快速冷却条件下,该合金的相组成已经接近于平衡态,但存在较多的缺陷和较大的成分不均匀性。利用实测晶格常数的方法可以近似确定Spinodal分解和不连续析出等高分散度两相组织中富Al固溶体的相成分。


关键字: Spinodal分解; X射线衍射; 等体积百分数; 不连续析出

Microstructure, structure and phase composition of
spinodal Al-Zn alloy with symmetrical composition
WANG Da-peng, HAO Shi-ming, ZHAO Gang, LI Hong-xiao

School of Materials and Metallurgy, Northeastern University,
Shenyang 110004, P.R.China

Abstract:Through microstructure analysis method and X-ray diffraction analysis, the microstructure, structure and phase composition of spinodal Al-Zn alloy with symmetrical composition were studied. The results show that the single-phase solid solution of  Al-Zn alloys in equal volume fractions (EVF) can be obtained after solid solution treatment, but it will undergo spinodal decomposition and precipitation of Zn at room temperature. Under the condition of fast cooling of steel-die cast, the phase composition of this alloy has already reached its equilibrium state, although there are many defects and large heterogeneity in compositions. By the method of measuring crystalline lattice parameters, the phase composition in Al-rich solid solution of the two phases in high discreteness that are formed through spinodal decomposition and discontinuous precipitation can be determined approximately.


Key words: spinodal decomposition; X-ray diffraction; equal volume fractions; discontinuous precipitation

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