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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 21    Special 1    March 2011

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Effects of honing treatment on AIP-TiN and TiAlN coated end-mill for
high speed machining
Jae-Young HEO1, Sung-Hak CHO2, Tae-Jin JE2, Kwang-Ho KIM1, Hyung-Woo LEE1, Myung-Chang KANG1

1. National Core Research Center for Hybrid Materials Solution, Pusan National University,
Busan 609-735, Korea;
2. Nano Machining Laboratory, Korea Institute of Machinery and Material (KIMM), 171 Jang-dong,
Yuseong-Gu, Daejeon 305-343, Korea

Abstract:The objective of this work is to compare the tool performance of TiN and TiAlN coated carbides end-mills deposited by an arc ion plating (AIP) method, using honing treatment to polish the cutting edge surface sleekly. The curve of surface roughness versus honing time showed a rapid improvement initially and thereafter became steady, manifesting a saturation effect. The optimal honing time related to surface roughness was determined to be approximately 20 s. As the surface roughness increased, the critical loads reduced. At an average surface roughness (Ra) of 0.028 mm, the highest critical loads of TiN and TiAlN coating layers were 98 and 114 N, respectively. Tool performances of uncoated and coated tools were conducted under high speed machining (HSM) of AISI D2 cold-worked die steel (62 HRC). Consequently, the TiAlN coated end-mill using honing treatment showed excellent tool life under HSM conditions.


Key words: TiAlN; arc ion plating; honing treatment; high speed machining; tool life

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