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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 13    No. 5    October 2003

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Initial atmospheric corrosion of Zinc sprayed with NaCl
QU Qing(屈 庆)1,2, YAN Chuan-wei(严川伟)2, ZHANG Lei(张 蕾)2, LIU Guang-heng(刘光恒)1, CAO Chu-nan(曹楚南)2

1. Department of Chemistry, Yunnan University, Kunming 650091, China;
2. State Key Laboratory for Corrosion and Protection,
Institute of Metal Research, The Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Shenyang 110016, China

Abstract:Regularities of the initial atmospheric corrosion of zinc sprayed with different amount of NaCl exposed to air at 80% relative humidity and 25℃ were investigated via quartz crystal microbalance in laboratory. The results show that NaCl can accelerate the corrosion of zinc. Mass gain of zinc increases with the exposure time increasing, which can be correlated by using exponential decay function. The relationship between mass gain and amount of NaCl sprayed at a certain exposure time follows a quadratic function. Meanwhile, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and electron dispersion X-ray analysis were used to characterize the corrosion surface and products. Zn5(OH)8Cl2·H2O and ZnO are the dominant corrosion products, which unevenly distribute on the surface of zinc in the presence of NaCl. A probable mechanism is simply presented to explain the experimental results.


Key words: initial atmospheric corrosion; corrosion regularity; quartz crystal microbalance

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