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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 13    No. 5    October 2003

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Microstructure and properties of Cu-15Ni-8Sn-0.4Si alloy
WANG Yan-hui(王艳辉), WANG Ming-pu(汪明朴),
HONG Bin(洪 斌), LI Zhou(李 周)

School of Material Science and Engineering,
Central South University,Changsha 410083, China

Abstract:By metallographic test, SEM, TEM and energy spectrum, the microstructure and properties of Cu-15Ni-8Sn-0.4Si alloy were studied. The results show that the added-Si combines with Ni and forms Ni3Si and Ni2Si phases. During ageing at 380℃, the precipitation of Ni2Si phase suppresses discontinuous precipitation to some degree. After adding Si, the conductivity and hardness of Cu-15Ni-8Sn alloy are increased to some degree.


Key words: Cu-15Ni-8Sn-0.4Si alloy; spinodal decomposition; cast structure; discontinuous precipitation; Ni2Si

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