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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 13    No. 5    October 2003

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Effect of trace rare earth
element Er on high pure Al
YANG Jun-jun(杨军军), NIE Zuo-ren(聂祚仁),
JIN Tou-nan(金头男), XU Guo-fu(徐国富)
FU Jing-bo(付静波), RUAN Hai-qiong(阮海琼),
ZUO Tie-yong(左铁镛)

School of Material Science and Engineering,
Beijing Polytechnic University, Beijing 100022, China

Abstract:The influence of trace Er addition on high pure aluminum was studied by mechanical properties measurement,hardness measurement, optical microscope,transmission electron microscope and energy spectrum analysis. The results show that minor Er in the studied alloy exists in the form of Al3Er,only a few of Er in α-Al based solid solution .Primary Al3Er particles formed during solidification were often found at the center of aluminum grains and acted as heterogeneous nucleus, also increased the rate of nucleation, therefore the grain are remarkably refined. Trace Er addition to high pure aluminum is able to increase the mechanical properties of high pure Al, which is caused by fine grain strengthening, substructure strengthening and precipitation strengthening. The recrystallization temperature of Er-doped aluminum increases above 50℃, which is caused by the pinning effect of highly dispersed fine Al3Er precipitates on dislocations and sub-grain boundaries.


Key words: rare-earth element Er; mechanical properties; recrystallization; Al3Er

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