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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 14    No. 6    December 2004

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Mechanical properties and microstructure
 of Ti-6Al-4V compacts by metal 
injection molding
GUO Shi-bo(郭世柏),  QU Xuan-hui(曲选辉), 
HE Xin-bo(何新波),  DUAN Bo-hua(段柏华)

School of Materials Science and Engineering, 
University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, China

Abstract: Ti-6Al-4V compacts were fabricated by metal injection molding(MIM). Influence of vacuum sintering time on mechanical properties and microstructure of the sintered compacts at 1260℃ were investigated. The experimental results show that the compacts sintered at 1260℃ for 3-6h,  which was made from hydrogenation dehydrogenation(HDH) powder (average particles size is 45μm),  have a relative density of 95.6%-96.7%,  ultimate tensile strength of 648-686MPa and 0.2% yield strength of 526-615MPa; but a lower elongation(<4%) and that the compacts sintered at 1260℃ for 2-6h,  which was made from 90% gas-atomized powder (average particles size is 32.5μm) and 10% HDH powder,  have higher relative density(>95%), ultimate tensile strength of 800-848MPa, 0.2% yield strength of 712-762MPa and high elongation (7.4%-9.5%). When the sintering time is increased,  porosity decreases and microstructure of sintered products changes from equiaxed to typical Widmanstatten,  the average sizes of prior β grains, α colonies and α phase thickness in the β grains increase accordingly. After HIP treatment, pores obviously become less, microstructure of alloy is refined and mechanical properties are greatly improved.


Key words:  metal injection molding;Ti-6Al-4V; sintering time; properties;microstructure

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