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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 14    No. 3    June 2004

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Influence of heat treatment regimes on microstructures and
fracture characteristics of 7055Al alloy containing Ag
LI Hai(李 海), ZHENG Zi-qiao(郑子樵), WANG Zhi-xiu(王芝秀)

School of Materials Science and Engineering,
Central South University, Changsha 410083, China

Abstract:Tensile properties, fracture characteristics and microstructures of 7055 aluminum-based alloy containing Ag after T6, T73 and RRA treatment were investigated. The results show that RRA treatment retains strength of 7055-T6 with higher electrical conductivity close to that of 7055-T73 alloy, but its elongation decreases greatly. SEM fractographs reveal that intergranular cracking and shear-type transgranular cracking are both presented on the fracture appearance of
7055-T6 specimen. After T73 treatment, the fractographs mainly consist of dimple-type transgranular cracking with minor intergranular cracking. For 7055-RRAspecimen, intergranular cracking dominates with minor dimples on the fracture surface. The type and size of precipitates, width of grain boundary and the ability of precipitates to impede dislocation motion vary with heat treatment regimes. Three frature models were built on the basis of microstructural analyses.


Key words: 7055Al alloy; heat treatment; fracture characteristic; intergranular cracking; transgranular cracking

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