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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 14    No. 3    June 2004

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Friction behavior of Al-Cu-Fe-B polycrystalline quasicrystals
ZHOU Xi-ying(周细应)1, LI Pei-yao(李培耀)1, LUO Jun-ming(罗军明)2,
QIAN Shi-qiang(钱士强)1, Tong Jian-hua(童建华)1

1. School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering and Science,Shanghai 200336, China;
2. Nanchang Institute of Aeronautic and Technology, Nanchang 330034, China

Abstract:Dry sliding friction between the polycrystalline Al59Cu25.5Fe12.5B3quasicrystals(QCs) and coating of the diamond-like carbon(DLC) was carried out by self-made tribometer under different conditions. The influences of four parameters(temperature, sliding velocity, applied load, atmosphere) on friction of quasicrystal surface were studied. Microstructure of quasicrystal, morphology of worn surface, and wear debris were observed by scanning electron microscope (SEM).The results show that for QCs, the friction coefficient and the roughness of worn surface is influenced by the parameters,especially greatly by the temperature. With increasing the applied load and sliding velocity, the friction coefficient decreases. The dominant wear mechanism at 350℃is delamination for QCs. The cracks forms on the worn surface during friction. Moreover, phase transformation is not observed on worn surface of QCs at 350℃.


Key words: polycrystalline quasicrystal; dry sliding; temperature; crack

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