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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 14    No. 3    June 2004

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Electrochemical hydrogen storage properties of La0.95Mg2.05Ni9alloy
prepared by mechanical alloying
MENG Mian-wu(蒙冕武)1,3, LIU Xin-yu(刘心宇)1,2, CHENG Jun(成 钧)2,

1. College of Materials Science and Engineering, Central South University,
Changsha 410083, China;
2. Center of Materials Science and Engineering,
Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Guilin 541004, China;
3. Department of Resources and Environmental Science,
Guangxi Normal University, Guilin 541004, China

Abstract:The structure, microstructure, thermal stability and hydriding characteristics of amorphous La0.95-Mg2.05Ni9 have been investigated with differential thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and battery test. It is found that the increase in mechanical alloying time leads to enhancement in thermal stabilities of amorphous La0.95Mg2.05Ni9alloy. The amorphous alloy has good charge/discharge ability at room temperature(430 mA·h·g-1), but the discharge capacity decreases seriously during cycling tests due to the crystallization of amorphous and oxidization of magnesium on the particle surface in alkaline aqueous solution.


Key words: mechanical alloying; hydrogen storage material; amorphous alloy; electrochemical properties; thermal stability

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