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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 18    No. 4    August 2008

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Comparative study on effects of Tween-80 and sodium isobutyl-xanthate on growth and sulfur-oxidizing activities of Acidithiobacillus albertensis BY-05
ZHANG Cheng-gui(张成桂), XIA Jin-lan(夏金兰), ZHANG Rui-yong(张瑞永),
PENG An-an(彭安安), NIE Zhen-yuan(聂珍媛), QIU Guan-zhou(邱冠周)

School of Resources Processing and Bioengineering, Central South University, Changsha 410083, China

Abstract: Effects of two typical surfactants, Tween-80 and sodium isobutyl-xanthate (NaIBX), with different concentrations on the growth and sulfur-oxidizing activities of a new strain Acidithiobacillus albertensis BY-05, an acidophilic sulfur-oxidizing bacterium, were investigated. The results indicate that both surfactants can enhance the growth and sulfur-oxidizing activities of A. albertensis BY-05 only at some special concentrations, e.g., 10−4−10−8 g/L for NaIBX and lower than 10−8 g/L for Tween-80, but were inhibited and even harmful at higher concentrations. Both surfactants can not be metabolized by A. albertensis BY-05. The contact between the bacteria and the sulfur particles may be dependent upon both the extracellular substance and the surfactants, both of which provide the amphiphilic environment improving the attachment for bacteria to the sulfur particles surface. These data could be significant for enlarging the applications of both A. albertensis BY-05 and some typical surfactants for industrial bioleaching of sulfides minerals.


Key words: Acidithiobacillus albertensis BY-05; surfactant; growth activity; sulfur-oxidizing activity

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