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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 17    No. 5    October 2007

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Adsorption and removal of cadmium (Ⅱ) from aqueous solutions by bio-formulation
CHAI Li-yuan(柴立元) , CHEN Yun-nen(陈云嫩), SHU Yu-de(舒余德), CHANG Hao(常 皓), LI Qing-zhu(李青竹)

Department of Metallurgical Science and Engineering, Central South University, Changsha 410083, China

Abstract:A novel sorbent, bio-formulation(BF), was prepared and employed for the adsorption of cadmium(Cd) ion from aqueous system. The process of adsorption follows the pseudo second-order kinetic equation and the adsorption behavior is fitted with a Freundlich isotherm. The removal rate of Cd is slightly dependent on the initial pH value over a wide range of 4−11. The addition of Zn2+ and Cu2+ ions hardly affects the Cd adsorption, whereas the coexisting Pb2+ ion greatly interferes with the adsorption. The adsorption mechanism is supposed as a cation-exchange process between Cd2+ and calcium and Mg2+ present on the surface of BF, and somewhat as adsorption in a hydrolyzed form. The adsorbed Cd ions are desorbed effectively by a 0.1 mol/L HCl solution.


Key words: cadmium; bio-formulation(BF); adsorption; desorption

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